About Us

Western Valley Bar & Grill
5404 Highway Street
Valleyview, Alberta
780-524-2523 / info@wvbargrill.com

We are a casual family restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The friendly atmosphere and modern decor makes the perfect setting for families, a date night or to watch the game with friends.

Take-out & Curbside Pick-up available
Dine-in re-opening February 8, 2021

Temporary Hours
Mon-Fri 530AM-1PM, 4PM-10PM
Sat-Sun 530AM-1PM, 4PM-9PM 
Closed Holidays* 

Western Valley Bar & Grill is located on the North West side of Valleyview, Alberta, along highway 43 and nearby highway 49. We are on the same property as Western Valley Inn. Please visit www.westernvalleyinn.com or call 780-524-4000 for information about accommodations. 

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*Depending on holiday, we may be open